Certified organic

We are proud to say that our products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

What is the difference between organic and regular syrup?

Organic certification requires that the producer follow very strict regulations verified by an inspection each year. These regulations apply to every step of syrup production:

  • Respectful practices to ensure the sustainable management of the maple forest ;
  • The tapping of maple trees sustains the health of each of our maple trees;
  • All the machinery, the tubes/buckets, and the bottling equipment are inspected and must be food grade;
  • les techniques de conversion de l’eau d’érable en sirop sans altération. Sap sterilization prior to boiling is prohibited to avoid changing or denaturing the maple sap;
  • Adequate storage of maple water and syrup is insured;
  • Cleaning of equipment using only products accepted by the certification agency;
  • Preservation of flavor of all products;
  • Tracability of products offered.

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